RMHA Junior Membership

The Rocky Mountain Hound Association is an encourager and supporter of juniors (children 9 to 18 years old) who participate in the dog fancy from showing in junior showmanship, to doing rally, obedience and performance sports in the sport of purebred dogs. Like the AKC (American Kennel Club), we know juniors are a very important part of our future.

At our RMHA shows, we provide juniors with great ribbons and nice prizes, and of course, we welcome them into our club and activities.

Juniors with a hound – we want you to join our club!
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RMHA's Junior Star Program

Thanks to RMHA member Karissa Groves (an aged out junior), our RMHA Board/Members, and Private Donors, we have not only a comprehensive junior recognition Program, and Award, with Stipends for AKC (American Kennel Club) National in Florida and WKC (Westminister Kennel Club) in New York; we also have a scholarship!

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Hound Club Junior Star Program

Press Release
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Hound Club Junior Star Program

Program Components
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Hound Club Junior Star Program

Program Application

Thank You Scholarship Donors

Fred & Donna Gimeno
David, Marlene & Karissa Groves
Wayne & Sue Plucheck
Lisa Peterson

Pat Bird
Jamie Souza Bartlett
Lynn Miller
Columbine Dachshund Club
Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

If you, your hound breed club, or your business would like to make a Junior Scholarship Donation
Please contact Marlene Groves
[email protected] or (303) 621-1111